The Workout Guide: How To Get Big Arms Fast

Plenty of men and women want to gain muscle mass by going to the gym. But, it’s easy to become discouraged when it might take many months just to see your arms get a little bigger. Luckily, there are some smart strategies you can use to guarantee your success.

How to Get Big Arms Fast

If you want to grow your arms to lift things more easily and impress the other gym goers, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get big arms fast as a result of good habits and a proper training regimen. Follow these seven tips and you’ll learn how to build arm strength.

Eat More High-Protein Food

Eating food that is high in protein and that can accelerate the growth of new muscle tissue in your arms is critical for gaining muscle mass in a short amount of time. Plenty of people, when they first start working out, aren't used to eating more calories than they normally do.

This is a problem because working out intensely for many weeks or months will require a larger caloric intake than normal. 

Plate of grilled chicken and side dishes

If you want to get big arms fast, you’re going to need to start saturating your body with high protein and high-energy food that can easily be transformed into new muscle fibers. Working out is both metabolically expensive and damaging to your arms if they don’t get enough new protein to repair the damage they take during each workout session.

Add More Calories to Your Diet

You’ll also need to add more calories to your diet, since you’ll be expending more energy than usual.

To make sure you get these required calories, it's a good idea to add another meal after your daily workout. This is in addition to maintaining regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.

Although this will seem like a lot at first, you'll quickly discover you have the appetite to match in putting away all those calories. It will become easier over time.

Nothing slows down muscle growth more quickly than a diet that does not have the required number of calories. If you’re wanting to know how to gain arm muscle, avoid energy drinks and sugary diets. Focus on protein and water.

Maintain Good Training Volume 

Another great method for getting larger arms is to maintain a good training volume. This basically means you need to be working out regularly and pushing your body to the limit each and every week. A single weekly session where you do some arm workouts just isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, you should go through a full arm workout every 2 to 3 days depending on your body's repair rate and metabolism. This is because most people's muscle protein synthesis cycle resets every 2 to 3 days. Your arms will be physically ready to go after each of these checkpoints.

By working your arms consistently each week, your arm muscles will be given priority when it comes to new muscle growth. Your body will take the extra protein you’re consuming. Your arms will start to grow in size right before your very eyes.

Mix Up Your Workouts

To keep your overall metabolism up and to keep your body fit, you can do other workouts. Cardio routines or leg exercises maintain overall health and keep your blood flowing in your muscles. This results in growing, even when you’re allowing your arms to rest.

It’s a bad idea to overwork your arms and try to do a full set of exercises every single day. This can cause tearing in your muscles and you may actually injure yourself if you’re unlucky.

Even if you want large arms quickly, simply working out every day isn’t going to magically make more muscle appear. You have to give your body time to adapt and grow new muscles.

Learning how to increase arm strength means learning how to let your body develop. You can’t just push it constantly.

Increase Your Weights Regularly

Another tip for how to improve your arm strength is to push yourself consistently.

It’s important not to just stay at the same weight range for months on end. A good rule of thumb is to keep your arm weights at the heaviest possible setting you can manage. Do this until you develop enough strength that you can do the exercise relatively easily.

As soon as you reach this point, it’s time to bump the weight up again and give your arms an even bigger workout.

Man adding additional plates to the barbell

Working out with a set series of weights is good for building muscle tone and definition. If you want to increase the size of your arm muscles, you’ll need to constantly be adding more and more weight to push your endurance and strength to the limit.

Muscle is grown from tearing as a result of stress put on your muscles. The more you tear, the more muscle you grow provided that you are consuming enough protein and you aren’t over exercising.

Don’t just stick with one weight class. Push yourself and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be able to stack on more pounds than you ever imagined. The best way to gain arm muscle is to force your arms to grow to keep up with all the weight you’re giving them.

Hit Every Angle and Muscle Group

If you want to learn how to increase strength in your arms, you have to consider the whole picture.

A common rookie mistake that many people make when they are trying to get cut arms fast is that they only focus on one muscle group, like the biceps. Biceps are particularly attractive because they are naturally big muscles and they feature prominently whenever someone flexes their arms.

But biceps are only one part of the picture. Your arms are made up of many different muscle groups.

In fact, even for workouts such as bicep curls, many different muscle groups in your arms work together in tandem to complete the exercise.

Because of this, it’s important that you target each muscle group specifically. Make sure they are all growing together and are able to handle the increasing weight safely and efficiently.

Do Certain Exercises for Each Muscle Group

Therefore, whenever it’s arm day and you’re looking to grow your arms fast, you’ll need to do specific exercises for your biceps, triceps, and even some shoulder exercises.

It's a good idea to throw some chest exercises in as well since your pectoral muscles are an important group that very much dictate how much weight you can carry overall. 

Look for Definition in Your Entire Arm

By the end of a good arm day, your entire arm should be sore but not nonfunctional. This would be the ideal sign that all the muscles in your arm had to work together to complete all of the assigned exercises.

You’ll see your entire arm gain in mass and muscle definition, rather than just your biceps. If you only focused on biceps, it would create a lopsided, strange look after a while.

This helps you gain more arm muscle fast because it allows you to lift heavier weights more easily and more quickly. An arm where all the muscle groups are growing together can move up the weight classes a lot more quickly than an arm where only the bicep muscles are getting attention.

Muscled man with very strong arms

Do Your Arm Workouts First

A great tip for how to get ripped arms is to move your arm exercises towards the beginning of your exercise day. Try not to leave them for the middle or end of your entire routine.

Any given exercise session should at least have a little bit of cardio and some full-bodied exercises to get the blood pumping. This will ready your muscles for the more physically strenuous activities later.

But it’s actually been studied that many lifters can grow more arm muscle mass more quickly if they do those exercises towards the beginning of their session. This may be worthwhile if you’re trying to learn how to gain mass in your arms.

This also has benefits in terms of your motivation and overall energy level. Towards the end of an exercise routine, many men and women find that pushing themselves through the difficult arm workouts required to build muscle mass is harder than normal because much of their energy reserves have been spent.

Get an Energy Boost for Your Whole Workout

Do your hard arm workouts earlier in the session. This is when you're still fresh and have the energy to spare. It can allow you to power through those difficult curls and lifts much more quickly and effectively.

This will let you complete your exercises in a much more focused and triumphant way, boosting your overall workout routine. Then, this will get you hyped up to return to the gym and continue exercising. 

As you can imagine, your motivation will change into a circular pattern keeping you coming back to the gym and working out for more and more gains.

This can be a particularly effective tip you’re a man or woman that struggles with motivation. Getting the motivation to go to the gym is hard. Following advice like this might help you get on the right track to improving your arm strength even if you have a history of skipping gym time.

Give Yourself Time to Rest

It’s a bad idea to overwork your arms and try to do a full set of exercises every single day. This can cause tearing in your muscles and you may actually injure yourself if you’re unlucky. Even if you want large arms quickly, simply working out every day isn’t going to magically make more muscle appear.

You have to give your body time to adapt and grow new muscles.

Focus on Other Areas

While you rest your arms, it's a great idea to perform other exercises if you enjoy the physical release that working out gives you. You can also take this time to focus on different aspects of your body so you undergo a whole physical transformation instead of just your arms.

Cardio is a focus that is neglected by many people, so having a running routine is a great idea for your off days.

You can also focus a little bit more on your legs during this downtime. This will help you look more attractive since you won’t have a lopsided look where all of your muscle mass is in the top half of your body and your legs look like sticks.

Overall, give your arms plenty of time to rest. They will make more progress and grow more muscle mass during their actual workout days than if you overwork them. Be sure to continue your healthy and protein-rich eating habits throughout.

Man resting on his barbells

Keep Track of Your Progress

Like we said earlier, motivation can be hard for many men and women. One great mind-hack for improving your motivation and convincing yourself that all of the gym this worth it is tracking your progress.

This can give you empirical evidence that your arms are gaining mass and you're looking better. We all know it's hard to see real change from day to day.

Track the Amount of Weight You Lift

You can do this in a couple of different ways. For one, you should already be keeping track of how much weight you are lifting each time. Theoretically, you should be increasing your weight frequently as you reach different thresholds.

Tracking this weight increase is an excellent way to show yourself you're getting stronger, even if, in the beginning, your arms aren't necessarily blooming in size.

Take Progress Photos

You should also take frequent pictures. You're trying to get big arms fast, after all, so a picture each time you complete an arm workout day is a good way to show yourself the visual signs of your progress.

After a month or so, you can even put all the pictures next to one another to see a real-time transformation of your arm size.

This doesn’t help your arm muscles grow quickly in a direct way. It can motivate you to keep going to the gym two or three times a week and sticking to your routine.

Overall, the key to growing your arms quickly lies in consistency. This can only be attained through self-discipline and internal motivation.


Follow these guidelines and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly your arms start putting on muscle. It won’t take you half a year of work and exhaustion to get arms you can be ecstatic about. How long does it take to tone your arms?

You can get results in just a few weeks or a couple of months with the right habits and workout routines.

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